What’s Your Brand Voice

Creating Brand awareness is obviously an extremely important component to the overall success and growth of any business today. If done correctly—brand positioning—will attract the target audience you’re looking to find. But how do you establish your brand voice? Below are some tips that will help you find your brand voice.


You need to know who your target audience is and what they want to hear. Once you have decided who your target audience is, start the communication and information gathering process. Chances are, you already know people in your target audience—pick their brains—find out what they like—what information they need and want. This will ensure your message is pointed in the right direction.


If you’re constantly changing your brand voice it will only confuse your audience. Your message needs to stay consistent if you want to get and maintain a solid following. You can’t be a Giants fan one week, and the next week be a Dodger fan. It comes across as if you have no clear direction and will only confuse people—a solid message will get a solid following.


Your message will not only need to be consistent but also REAL. Trying to be something or someone you’re not will only annoy people and send them running the other way. It can also lead to a damaged reputation—and that’s not something that can always be fixed. Perception is everything—keep it real—or don’t bother.


Listen to your target audience. Nothing is wrong with making small changes along the way—as long as your message stays the same—let’s say a particular marketing style isn’t getting result—well that lack of response might be telling you something—listen—and do something else. Don’t be afraid of failure and never get too emotionally tied to any one idea.


You’ve built up an audience—you know what voice and message they want to hear—you know how to speak to them—you’ve established a consistent and authentic message—now it’s time to go for it! If you don’t ever engage your audience on a more personal level then no amount of branding efforts will matter.

Tracy Sage-JCL Realty


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